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Our Mission 

Landlocked Opera Inc is Kansas City’s newest opera company. We are committed to serving the Kansas City community with quality performances, and serving KC area artists with quality opportunities. 

Our Vision

Landlocked Opera believes in opera for all.


Opera for all means accessibility…


Opera for all means education…


Opera for all means social change...


LOI believes in the importance of education to the future of the operatic art form. We strive to create a community where anyone interested in opera has a place to grow their craft, from beginning student to principal performer.


Additionally important to the future of the art form is social change. LOI is committed to breaking down the socioeconomic and cultural barriers that so often plague the operatic world, both backstage and in the audience. We seek to amplify voices that have historically been quieted within opera and to broaden appreciation for opera in Kansas City through innovative and mindfully accessible performances.

Our Team

Jonathan Ray, Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Christina Casey Ray, General Director and


Ann Harrell, Artistic Consultant

Board of Directors

Christina Casey Ray, President 

Sarah Stokes, Secretary

Shawn Nemati, Treasurer

Samuel Carroll

Don Dagenais

Raymond Feener

Roberta Gumbel

Amy Johns

Rebecca Preston

Natalia Rivera

Christine Seitz

Sarah Sheldon

Jim and Joan Wells

Honorary Originating Board Member

Richard Williams

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